The Pathfinders are working with Misión Gaia to promote sustainable development in Minca, Colombia. Minca has a high potential for tourism because of its biological and cultural diversity and is situated near other tourist hotspots (Santa Marta and the Caribbean). After years of violence in the area and displacement due to armed conflict, the residents are looking to attract more tourists to the area.

Rapid expansion of the tourism industry has the potential to threaten socio-cultural, economic, and environmental resources. In order to protect these resources, Misión Gaia and the Pathfinders are facilitating development, strengthening educational programs, and promoting the sustainable use of resources and organic farming.

Specifically, the Pathfinders are:
  • conducting a feasibility study for the design and implementation of a local farmers market,
  • educating residents and local businesses about the management of organic waste,
  • preparing seedbeds and compost areas and instructing local farmers in the use of organic fertilizers and biological pest control supplies,
  • constructing pit latrines and dry composting latrines,
  • and strengthening educational programs.

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